Pallet Mover User Directed AMR


Developed in partnership with, the Pallet Mover is a floor-to-floor pallet transportation and drop-off AMR that can be set up and operated in less than 1 hour. It provides on-demand material handling across many industries with self-driving technology. 


It features a tablet interface, LiDAR, and a camera system to transport and drop pallets to locations autonomously. The unit can be used in manual mode at any time if needed. The Pallet Mover can transport up to 4,400 lb. (2,000 kg) of materials at speeds of up to 2.8 mph (4.5 km/h) and can operate continuously for up to 10 hours. Power is supplied by a UL-recognized 205AH lithium battery which can be opportunity charged at the rate of 1% every 6 minutes via an onboard 120V AC charger.


Additional features include dynamic mapping, map sharing, and zone drop functionality. Dynamic mapping allows it to update onboard facility maps on the fly for changing environments and reduces the need to remap areas of operation. When using multiple Pallet Movers in one facility, users can now share maps over Wi-Fi to update all units simultaneously.


The zone drop feature allows the AMR to travel and deliver pallets to a set destination. The Pallet Mover will take a load to a predefined area and will place a pallet in the first open spot based on sequential order, even if they're not in one continuous row or next to one another.


Optional items like a Universal Carrier load deck can be added to the Pallet Mover for customizable material handling applications, and additional services and purchasing options are available through Big Joe’s autonomous division and expansive servicing dealer network throughout North America.


  • Touch screen interface
  • Natural feature autonomous navigation with obstacle avoidance
  • Floor-to-floor autonomous pallet drop capability
  • On-demand manual operation for loading and conventional use
  • Optional Universal Carrier load deck for customizable material handling
  • Compliant with ANSI/ITSDF B56.5 & B56.1 safety standards
 Vehicle Type User Directed AMR
 Capacity 4,400 lb. @ 24-in. load center (2,000 kg @ 610 mm)
 Power UL recognized 24V 205AH Li-ion battery
 Max Lift Height 8 in. (203 mm)
 Collapsed Height 3 in. (76 mm)
 Fork Dimensions 27 x 47 in. (686 x 1,194 mm)
 Turning Radius 76 in. (1,930 mm)
 Travel Speed 24V AC ZAPI Travel Controller, variable up to 2.8 mph (4.6 mph)
 Charger Onboard 120V AC
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