Pallet Truck Delivers Unparalleled Control


Pallet truck productivity is about more than speed. Crown engineers know that operator confidence is the key to productivity – confidence that comes from control.

The PE 4500 Series pallet truck features Crown’s exclusive Access 123® Comprehensive System Control. This technology monitors and controls all of the truck’s systems including the Crown-built AC-traction motor, braking and lifting to ensure unmatched performance and reliability.

“The Access 123 system can be fine-tuned to the application and the operator to maximize performance and safe operation,” said Crown Product Manager Jim Blanchard. “When operators feel safe and in control, they feel confident. That’s when they are most productive.”

In addition, the system also improves efficiency in the service department. “Access 123 pinpoints the exact problem, which saves maintenance costs by eliminating diagnostic guesswork and parts swapping,” said Blanchard.

When maintenance savings are combined with Crown’s well-deserved reputation for durability, the PE 4500 offers the lowest cost of ownership in its class. “This truck is built to hold up in the harshest applications - from freezers to daily dock work,” said Blanchard. “Competitors are using lighter, more fragile materials to lower initial cost. Crown’s commitment to providing long-lasting durable products is evident in our steel doors and wear plates. Competitors’ trucks, with their extensive use of plastics, simply don’t last as long as ours.”

Crown lift trucks are further distinguished by a commitment to operator comfort, another key element in maximizing their performance. The PE 4500 Series includes enhanced operator ergonomics like Crown’s integrated rubber kneepad and premium floor mat to improve comfort and reduce fatigue.
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