Pallet Wrapz


PALLET WRAPZ are a fast new way  to stabilize, secure and protect pallets and skids from damage in shipment. Made of sturdy  industrial grade mesh, Pallet Wrapz can be used over  and over to wrap and secure full pallets of product. A single worker can install the wrap. The edge is rested against the pallet and is walked around the skid. The two ends are used to locate the sides. The straps are put through the loops and drawn tight. The straps areVelcroed to the holding strip.The entire operation takes less than 1 minute. To remove, the straps are released and the unit is rolled up for  reuse.



  • Reusable- reduce large purchases of plastic.
  • Fast to apply and remove- Save Time.
  • Units roll up and stack for efficient return.
  • Durable- can be reused many times.
  • Eco-friendly- no clean up, no mess.
  • Recyclable- when they need to be replaced. 



  • stabilize, secure and protect pallets
  • sturdy  industrial grade mesh
  • can be used over  and over

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I saw this product at a show and it is amazing! Think of all the plastic wrap just one of these can eliminate from the landfill. Think green...think PalletWrapz!