PanaCIM Enterprise Edition MES Software


PanaCIM Enterprise Edition, an electronics assembly Manufacturing Execution System (MES) software, provides new levels of integration across a company's entire enterprise. PanaCIM includes nine modules: Production Analysis, Production Planning, Production Monitoring and Dispatch, Material Verification, Traceability, Material Control, Product Changeover and Control, Maintenance, and Enterprise Link.


A highlight of this modular software includes Production Monitoring and Dispatch's centralized and real-time data monitoring to identify events such as part exhausts, changeovers, and process shifts. It dispatches tasks to the necessary labor resources via email, PDA, or visual display allowing the operator to acknowledge and take ownership of events with auto-detection of event resolution. This module also generates reports for analysis of event history by product, operator, and equipment.


The Production Planning module's capacity analysis tool allows for more accurate cost estimations as well as provides line configurations best suited to your future needs. And the Material Control-Allocation module's reservation function manages the availability of materials while controlling excess WIP of raw materials on the production floor.


PanaCIM Enterprise Edition effectively delivers a feature-rich, manufacturing software suite through a scalable, small-footprint appliance that can grow with the manufacturer, while providing unprecedented integration of Panasonic and best-in-class, complementary technology partner equipment.


  • Complete MES software solutions for Smart Factories—deployed and supported globally
  • This software suite goes beyond SMT and currently includes capabilities for Production Planning, Material Control, Material Verification, Production Monitoring and Dispatch, Product Changeover and Control, Enterprise Link, Maintenance, Traceability, and Production Analysis
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