Pantheon Mechanized Welding System


Serving as a step between manual and automated welding, the Pantheon Mechanized Welding System delivers a standardized solution for mechanized automation by increasing productivity and speed to market. Available in two sizes, 8’x8’ and 11’x11’, this mechanized welding solution integrates with other automation systems, including ingoing and outgoing material handling, to enhance workflow.

The new Pantheon Mechanized Welding System comes in a standard configuration that includes Lincoln Electric’s Power Wave AC/DC 1000 SD Welder, MAXsa Controller and adjusters and slides. This complete solution can be customized through the addition of component parts including seam-tracking systems, welding positioners, jaw chucks, motorized slides, pipe-support stands, turning and idle rolls and other accessories. Key accessories include fume extraction options, flux recovery and a travel car.


Unit can be customized through the addition of component parts, such as:

  • seam tracking systems
  • welding positioners
  • jaw chucks
  • motorized slides
  • pipe-support stands
  • turning & idle rollers
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