Paper Void-Fill System


Pregis Corp. is adding a new model to its popular GeoSpeed Quantum compact, paper void-fill line. The new GeoSpeed Quantum XF offers power tear assist, feed-to-length and optional multistack accessories. The GeoSpeed Quantum system, which delivers crumpled paper from rollstock at speeds of up to 150 inches per second, continues to establish new performance standards for this category. 

The new model features the most advanced cutting solution on the market. The power tear assist option uses a bladeless mechanism which is designed to keep the operator safe and keep productivity at its peak, particularly for high volume packaging operations.  It is also designed to take the guess work out of the paper packing process. The "feed-to-length" feature allows the operator to set the machine to dispense paper of varying lengths. This option enables better raw material consumption and inventory management. It also simplifies employee training on the proper amount of paper needed to package items of varying shapes and sizes. The Quantum® XF is also available with multistack accessories that allow the machine to pull from multiple rolls of paper, reducing the number of roll changes and maximizing labor efficiencies. 

The GeoSpeed Quantum system has been designed to eliminate paper jams. It also has a unique patented floating-head design which enables the fastest roll loading of any paper machine on the market.  Paper rolls can be loaded in seconds.  


  • power tear assist
  • feed-to-length
  • optional multistack accessories

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