PAPERPlus® Shooter Delivers Void Fill Fast


Storopack, Inc. introduces the PAPERplus® Shooter high speed paper dispensing system for void fill dispensing at up to 350 feet-per-minute.  A unique pulling system unwinds paper from the inside of the roll, automatically creating filler with several layers of paper from a one-ply roll.  These features combine to virtually eliminate manual folding and crumpling, saving time and material.

PAPERplus® is made from 100% natural, recycled Kraft paper that can be used over and over prior to recycling, making it an ideal solution for “green” packaging initiatives.  Table-top and floor stand models are available.  Specially designed dispensing cartons allow easy set-up and operation.  This is the latest addition to the full line of PAPERPlus® paper packaging material systems.  Five different models with flexible features and add-on components allow the PAPERplus® line to adjust to fluctuating packaging requirements.  

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