Parallel and Angular Grippers


Bimba Manufacturing Company has added extruded pneumatic parallel and angular grippers to its full line of MFD products. The new parallel (Model MHFZ) and angular (Model MHFY) grippers feature robust, clean and compact extruded aluminum bodies for maximum mounting efficiency. A magnetic piston for position sensing is included on all models.

The parallel grippers are available in double and single acting with seven bore sizes and two finger types, offering a range of gripping force output to 144 lbf. The angular grippers are available in double and single acting with six bore sizes, offering a range of torque output to 65 lbs.  Both are interchangeable with popular international brands. The gripper line is particularly suited to a broad range of general automation processes, including pick & place, material transfer, clamping, camming and indexing.


  • compact extruded aluminum bodies
  • seven bore sizes
  • two finger types

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