Patented Wear Indicator Sprockets


Order your Tsubaki sprockets with wear indicators to prevent your operation from failures and downtime. There is a limit to the amount of wear that a sprocket tooth can sustain while still being able to mesh smoothly with a roller chain. When the wear of the sprocket teeth exceeds theis limit, the meshing of the sprocket and the chain is no longer smooth, and tooth defect are generated in the sprocket. Thus, it has been necessary to detemine the wear limit of the sprocket.

The Tsubaki sprocket wear indicator is a patented design that has wear limit markers installed directly onto the sprocket. These markers allow for easy visual detection of worn sprockets. Such engineered design allows for

  • Protection of operation
  • Reduction of costs
  • Elimination of downtime
  • Prevention of premature failure

This patented technology is available on ANSI as well as Engineering Class Sprockets, so protect your operation today.

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