PayClock® EZ 2006


Lathem Time Corporation, one of the world’s leading designers and manufacturers of time and attendance products for small business, has launched PayClock® EZ 2006, the latest version of its No. 1-selling automated timekeeping system.

“PayClock EZ 2006 offers new and improved features over prior PayClock versions,” said Philip Seagraves, Lathem Time’s director of business development. “With its multi-user option, compatibility with QuickBooks 2006 and more flexibility, PayClock EZ 2006 is the No. 1 choice to help small businesses proactively manage labor costs.”

PayClock EZ 2006 features include:

  • Enhanced integration with QuickBooks 2006 – PayClock EZ 2006 is now compatible with the latest U.S. versions of QuickBooks.
  • Ability to add notes to online timecard to track absence reasons, comments and other useful information
  • Improved MyWorkforce screen -- users can choose to hide inactive and terminated employees, making MyWorkforce easier to use.
  • Multi-user options -- PayClock can now be shared by managers and supervisors working on a Local Area network.
  • Larger employee database capacity – the latest version now lets users retain their terminated and inactive employees in the database without counting toward the system license maximum of 50, 100 or 150 active employees.
  • Improved processing -- system uses 32-bit processing instead of 16-bit.
  • “Windows XP-style” graphical user interface

In addition to QuickBooks, PayClock integrates with popular payroll services, including ADP and Paychex.

About Lathem Time Corporation

Headquartered in Atlanta, Ga., Lathem Time is one of the world’s leading designers and manufacturers of time and attendance products for small business. The company specializes in mechanical and automated employee time and attendance tracking systems, including the No. 1-selling automated system for small business, PayClock EZ. PayClock’s automation reduces payroll preparation time by up to 80 percent and eliminates inaccuracies associated with manual calculations, saving up to 3 percent in payroll costs. Other products include time clocks, data collection terminals, scheduling software and synchronized wall clocks.

Founded in 1919 by George Lathem and his son Louie Lathem, Sr., Lathem Time remains a family-owned and operated company with 150 employees. Over 300,000 companies worldwide use a Lathem timekeeping product for managing their business. Lathem products may be purchased from Lathem dealers nationwide as well as office superstores, such as Office Depot and Staples.


Minimum Requirements: • A PC with a 300mhz Pentium processor or better • 128 Mbytes of RAM • Hard disk with at least 200 Mbytes of free space • 256 Color 800x600 or higher resolution display • Mouse or other pointing device • An available 9 or 25 pin serial communication port, or modem depending on the specific installation, Network Adaptor configured for TCP/IP • Internet Explorer 5.0 or Higher • 4x CD-ROM or better • Microsoft Windows 2000 or XP (Pro or Home) Recommended Requirements: • A PC with a 900mhz Pentium processor or better • 256 Mbytes of RAM • Hard disk with 500 Mbytes of free space • A dedicated server is recommended for multi-user systems • Hi-Speed Internet Connection (for Online Features/Services)
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