PC/104-Compatible Single Board Computer


WinSystems announced their PXM-C388-S, a PC/104-compatible single board computer (SBC) powered by an Intel® 1.66 GHz Atom™ processor.  This new SBC adds the SUMIT™ (Stackable Unified Modular Interconnect Technology) I/O expansion connector onto a PC/104 expandable SBC.  This combination provides designers easy I/O expansion for the thousands of standard and custom designed PC/104 modules currently available worldwide plus enhanced performance and throughput of stackable PCI Express™ (PCIe) and USB.  The PXM-C388-S processors’ high performance enables designs that need multiple video input data streams and high speed A/D which opens up applications for security, automated inspection of production lines, data acquisition and machine-to-machine communications in a small, rugged, form factor. “This SBC is well suited for directly upgrading existing PC/104-based designs with Intel’s Atom™ processor family”, said Jerry Winfield, founder and President of WinSystems.  “It creates a bridge from the past to the future by blending high-speed serial bus expansion with legacy PC/104 I/O modules so as to strike a balance of high-integration computing power for existing low and medium complexity applications.  For designers that need I/O such as relays, contact closures, digital I/O, and low-to-moderate serial communications using PC/104, this is an upward migration path and a cost-effective solution.”

The PXM-C388 is a full-featured SBC with a rich array of on-board peripherals plus I/O expansion options.  It is based on Intel’s single core 1.66 GHz Atom™ N455 and the ICH-8M System Controller Hub with up to 2 GB of DDR3 systems memory.  The PXM-C388 I/O - more – interface onboard features a Gigabit Ethernet port; simultaneous CRT and LVDS flat panel video support, eight USB 2.0 ports, four serial COM ports, SATA controller, PATA controller for the CompactFlash socket, twenty-four lines of digital I/O, and HD audio.  It will operate from -40 to + 85° Centigrade.  The PCM-C388 has both PC/104 (ISA) and SUMIT AB expansion connectors to allow self stacking I/O modules to be added for even more I/O flexibility. The PXM-C388-S requires only +5 volts and typically draws 2.5A.  It supports power savings modes which will reduce the standby current to 270 mA (S3 power state).  The board is RoHS-compliant board and can operate over an industrial temperature range of -40° to +85°C. The PXM-C388-S supports Linux, Windows, and other x86-compatible real-time operating systems.  Free drivers are available from the WinSystems’ website.


  • on-board peripherals
  • I/O expansion options

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