PCB Heater Assemblies Ideal for Low Temperature Applications


Spectrum Sensors & Controls  has developed a new series of printed circuit board (PCB) heater assemblies for use in applications where sensitive electronics need to operate at very cold temperatures, or where electronics need a temperature-controlled environment.

Some electronics have a limited operating temperature range, but Spectrum’s heater assemblies allow low temperature operation by heating the device itself or by heating the nearby area. Additionally, some electronics such as diodes, crystals and other IC’ ;s operate much more efficiently in a temperature-controlled environment, and Spectrum’s heater assemblies provide a low cost way to provide a stable temperature environment.

A wide range of heating technologies is available to fit any application, including PTC heaters, foil heaters and wirewound heating elements. Self-regulating PTC heaters are available, and integral sensors can also be added to any type of heating element to provide temperature feedback and allow for precise control of the heat.

PCB heater assemblies are often used either in direct contact with the surface to be heated (conduction), or by the flow of heat from one surface to another (convection). Spectrum’s new series of heater assemblies are available in wide range of physical configurations, making them a compatible choice for a variety of applications, from small integrated circuits to larger enclosures. Additionally, Spectrum Sensors offers customized products tailored to specific requirements, including value-added services to provide a complete thermal assembly. Options include control electronics, connectors, sensors, flex circuits and heat sinks. Pricing ranges from $1 to $20 and is dependent upon configuration and quantity. Contact Spectrum for details on fully packaged options


  • allow low temperature operation
  • stable temperature environment
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