Pedestal Platforms Offer Safe Access to Single-Dome Tank Trucks & Hopper Cars


>GREEN Insta-Rack Pedestal Platforms provide a safe, protected area for workers to easily access the tops of single-dome tank/bulk trucks, tank cars, and hopper cars. GREEN Insta-Racks have many unique features including: single or double-sided access, static, pivot or slide-track mounting, custom design to meet your application. There are various integration options with loading arms and pumping stations. From our single-spot ‘Insta-Rack’ Pedestal Platform, to a 50-spot liquid transfer facility with integrated loading arms, spill containment, and more, the GREEN product line has what your project needs.


Product line includes:

  • flat ramp, telescoping, and self-leveling stair gangways
  • truck and railcar loading racks
  • stationary & portable platforms
  • loading/vapor arms
  • spill containment pans
  • portable transloading carts
  • horizontal lifeline systems
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