Peracetic Acid Analyzer Ensures Disinfection without Harmful Byproducts


Peracetic acid (PAA) is a more powerful oxidizer than chlorine and chlorine dioxide that does not form any harmful disinfection by products (DBP) like many chlorine products do.It's used in the food and beverage, medical and pharmaceutical industries. PA80 Peracetic Analyzer monitors peracetic acid (PAA) in drinking water, industrial cooling and rinse water, wastewater or other fresh water samples containing peracetic acid. The PVC panel mounted analyzer's  measurement range is  0-20, 0-200 and 0-2000 ppm.

Automatic flow control and large flow tubes and cells reduce clogs and blockages, which is a common problem in other amperometric sensor flow-trains. This also allows for easy cleaning. An auto cleaning option is also available to keep the H2O2 Sensor clean from contaminates for an extended period of time.


  • Measurement ranges:  0-20, 0-200 and 0-2000 ppm
  • Transmitter: 110-240 VAC or 24 VDC powered
  • Either parameter to be graphically displayed with user defined line, bar or gauge style graphs
  • Standard configuration has two 4-20 mA outputs, three alarm relays and an industry standard MODBUS RTU
  • Accurate measurement with a minimum flow rate past the sensor of 0.5 ft/sec
  • Above this flow rate the output is virtually flow independent
  • constant head flow control device (CFD) maintains the optimum flow past the sensor over a wide range of incoming sample flow rates
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