Perforated Panels


Perforated panels are a part of a good organization. Perforated panels are practical storage facilities for tools and equipment and, at the same time, efficient dividers of space. Order and tidiness cannot be achieved and maintained without there being a place for each tool.

Sovella Perfo Tool stores, perforated panels and our hooks offer a practical and versatile solution for storing tools,parts, and equipment. Perforated panel products are available for direct attachment to the wall or mounted to anyversion of our slotted upright system.

Technical information/specs:
• 92 sq Ft of tool storage on
• 12 Sq Ft of floor space!
• Up to 10 plates can be added to store even more tools.
• Adjustable distance between panels.
• Easy self installation.
• There is a wheel on the lower edge of the panels which makes
them easy to move.
• Free standing solution.
• Maximum total load 1100 lbs (load capacity 220 lbs per plate).


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