Performs Abrasion & Washability Tests on Coated Panels


Automatic Washability Tester can perform abrasion and washability tests on coated panels to define the resistance of paint, varnish or related products to scratching, wearing and color loss due to wet or dry abrasion – simulating everyday wear from cleaning actions or general use.

The test is either used as a “pass / fail” by testing to a specified number of strokes or defining the minimum number of strokes at which a coating fails by checking at regular intervals. Many standards require dry or wet abrasion and scrub test to be performed to determine the quality of coating – like the EN 13300 for example. This standard defines a quality ranking for interior coatings to wet abrasion.

The Automatic Washability Tester is driven by a micro-step controlled electronic motor which allows precise and steady speed and sinus wave form control. Operation is intuitive by means of a jog-dial switch and a multi-lingual operating menu on a large illuminated display.



  • Easy-to-use
  • Multiple stroke speed
  • Integrated fluid pumps include ramping
  • 8 user programmable default setting
  • Multiple languages
  • Adjustable tool carrier
  • Adjustable stroke length
  • Mineral detection
  • Metal cracks detection
  • Non-destructive testing
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