Peristaltic Condensate Pumps


Airtec Products Corp. introduces Aspen Pumps‚ Purple Series of peristaltic condensate pump kits for minisplit air conditioners. Peristaltic pumps are ideal in applications requiring the quietness of remote operation or in compromised environments such as foodservice or industrial areas where excess dirt or oil create blockages in conventional minisplit condensate pumps.
Unlike other pump methods, the condensate is contained inside transparent, flexible vinyl tubing, which isolates it from the pumping mechanism.  The process of peristalsis rotationally compresses the tubing causing the condensate to move through it. Therefore, the Purple Series pumps can run wet or dry, don‚t need filters that can potentially restrict flow when not periodically maintained, and are ideal choices when dust, oils or other heavy pollutants contaminate the condensate on a minisplit evaporator‚s coil or in the drain pan. The Purple Series‚ high suction enables remote mounting of up to 40 feet from the evaporator, making it a good choice for noise sensitive environments such as bedrooms, nursing home rooms, recording/broadcast studios, or live performance areas.

The Purple Series offers both Mechanical and Universal kits, which use different switching methods, but are both located remotely of the minisplit. They pump1.65-gph to a maximum head of 33 feet and require either 115-V or 230-V power. The (h)5-1/2 x (w)3-3/8 x (d)7-inch Mechanical Pump kit uses a separate reservoir for mounting inside the minisplit with an internal float mechanism and electronic switch, which activates the pump and can also disable the system during an overflow incident.  The smaller (h)4-1/2 x (w)3 x (d)5-1/2-inch Universal Pump and kit has the same features, but uses a temperature differential sensor switch, which can be attached to the lineset to control pump operation.

The Purple Series features these quick installation and easy maintenance designs:

·         Pump is easily removed for maintenance by pulling out power plug without disconnecting power wiring.

·         Disengages easily from quick-install wall bracket housing.

·         Pump head is easily replaced after 10,000-hour duty cycle (approximately two years).

·          No filters to change.

·         Internal fuse eliminates searching for external fuses.

           Other features include:

·         Quiet operation at maximum 47-decibels.

·         Remote placement up to 10 feet vertically and 40 feet horizontally.
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