Permanent Marking of Air Fittings


Air suspensions have been used in automotive engineering on passenger cars since the mid-1950s, and today are still found primarily in the luxury car segment. The valve block that regulates an air suspension has several air fittings. Schreiner ProTech’s experts have developed a marking solution for Continental Mexico that assists assembly line workers in accurately and quickly connecting the fittings.


One of the project’s challenges was finding the right material for this marking solution. The reason is that valve blocks in automotive underhood applications are exposed to extreme temperatures and major temperature variations. Consequently, the marking label for the valves and air fittings has to be exceptionally robust, as well as requiring a unique design: The label features all-around extensions for the air fittings that emanate from the label’s center like sunbeams. This special characteristic calls for a complex cutting die that also complicates waste matrix stripping when separating the label from the liner. In addition, a way to remove the round cutout in the center had to be found.


Schreiner ProTech has developed a solution that meets all of these demands. The label that is applied to the valve block where it will permanently remain is exceptionally resistant against the harsh climatic conditions in the engine compartment. The colors and texts show the assembly line worker where to connect which air fitting: The colors of the air fittings are the same as those on the label. As a result, mix-ups can be excluded and permanent marking ensured. In addition, a specially designed application tool facilitates waste matrix stripping and removal of the cutouts in the label’s center.

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