Personal Protection Welding Apparel


Whether it’s welding in the field, in the shop or in a garage, Lincoln’s new personal protection clothing line, Red Line™ Welding Apparel, offers the ideal gear for every application. “Whether someone welds for a living or is an occasional backyard welder, safety is always at the forefront, and that especially includes body and eye protection,” says Jamy Bulan, Lincoln Electric product manager. “They demand rugged, proven clothing, designed for their body type, application and environment. Red Line delivers that protection.”   The new Red Line apparel product group includes gloves, jackets, caps and safety glasses.

  Red Line apparel includes five types of welding gloves – premium leather MIG/stick, traditional MIG/stick, leather TIG, heat-resistant and full leather Steel Worker™ gloves. So whether it’s MIG, TIG or stick welding, or working with hot or rusty metal, Red Line welding gear includes a set of gloves designed to handle the rigors of the task at hand.   Four jacket options effectively protect the arms and upper body. They offer flame retardant cloth panels to keep the welder cool, as well as heavy-duty leather panels in high spatter exposure, high wear areas. Customers can choose from cloth, heavy duty leather or hybrid cloth/ leather jackets.   For wearing under the welding helmet, the product group includes doo rags, beanies and caps that stylishly and effectively protect the top of the head. Made from flame retardant material, they are comfortable, include athletic mesh lining for fast sweat evaporation and are machine washable.   Additionally, four pairs of indoor safety glasses and four for outdoor applications round out the Red Line personal protection welding apparel line. Welders can choose from clear, shaded and mirrored lenses that offer maximum protection and comfort. All eyewear meet ANSI Z87.1+ and CSA Z94.3 standards and offer 99.9 percent UV-A, UV-B and UV-C protection.  

“In today’s market, there should be no one size fits all when it comes to welding apparel. It’s about providing technical garments and accessories for specialized tasks,” Bulan explains. “Every piece in the Red Line welding gear group was designed to work hard while providing the right protection for the right job.”   Red Line personal protection apparel is designed to work in tandem with the comprehensive line of Lincoln Electric VIKING™ auto-darkening welding helmets, including the new 1840 and 2450 series.


  • ideal gear for every application
  • includes gloves, jackets, caps and safety glasses
  • five types of welding gloves
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