PFH Parallel Gripper - The high-power package for large heavy components


SCHUNK has introduced a new size for its long-stroke 2-finger parallel gripper series PFH. With a total finger stroke of 300mm (11.8“), the new size 150 of the PFH parallel gripper family is especially designed for handling large and heavy components. Besides its high grip force of 2,200N (500lbf.), the PFH also stands out with fast finger opening and closing times of less than one second.

The pneumatic drive of the gripper, consisting of a dual-piston system, is synchronized by a rack and pinion. The drive produces a gripping force of 2,200N (500lbf.), which is applied uniformly ensuring the precise handling of a most varied array of workpieces. In addition, the low internal friction makes the gripper highly efficient, while simultaneously minimizing wear. All guide and drive elements of the gripper are protected against the ingress of coarse contaminants by a stable, three-layered sheet steel/roller belt cover.

Considering the dimensions and the size of the stroke of the PFH 150, its closing and opening times of around 0.8 seconds are extremely fast. This is possible due to end position damping, which also ensures a quiet return to the end position. The air supply can also be connected without hoses, and the PFH 150 can be flexibly attached on two sides in three screw directions.


• Stroke per finger [mm] : 50.0 • Closing force [N] : 2600.0 • Opening force [N] : 2330.0 • Weight [kg] : 9 .6 • Recommended workpiece weight[kg] : 13.0 • Air consumption per double stroke[cm3] : 603.0 • Nominal pressure [bar] : 6.0 • Minimum pressure [bar] : 2.0 • Maximum pressure [bar] : 8.0 • Closing time [s] : 0.6 • Opening time [s] : 0.7 • Max. permitted finger length[mm] : 250.0 • Max. permitted weight per finger[kg] : 4.0 • IP class : 41 • Min. ambient temperature[°C] : -10.0 • Max. ambient temperature[°C] : 90.0 • Repeat accuracy [mm] : 0.05

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