PG10 Digital Pressure Gauge Offers Simple Set-up


Automation Products Group, Inc. (APG) introduces the PG10 Digital Pressure Gauge.  This IP65 rated indoor/outdoor gauge features a large 5.5 in. display casing, a full five-digit display with characters at 0.68 in. tall, and a 270° digital “dial” or radial bar graph that shows a user-selectable pressure range from 0 to 100%. 

Combined with four large set-up buttons, the result is a robust pressure monitoring solution that is simple to set-up and operate, with true at-a-glance readability. 

“With the PG10, providing a tough digital pressure gauge that would allow operators to quickly and easily check pressure status with just a glance was our primary goal,” says Karl Reid, Product Line Manager, Automation Products Group.  “The large digits and radial bar graph provide that quick read because it is a digital gauge that also reads like an analog gauge.  Operators can determine where the pressure level is in context to a custom-input range in an instant.  The four-button set-up only adds to the user-friendly nature of the PG10 by providing access to the gauge’s many features and settings.”

Standard features include tare, peak hold, and max-min readings, as well as user-selectable units of measure and an auto-off timer.  Options include two solid-state relays or SPDT mechanical relay outputs for basic to semi-advanced automation.

The gauge has an impressive operating temperature range, from 0° to 160° F, boasts ±0.25% accuracy of full scale, and features pressure ranges from vacuum to 500 psi, or 0 to 10,000 psi.  Outputs are 0-2 VDC for battery-powered units, 4-20mA for loop-powered units, and 0-5 VDC for externally powered units.  Data logging provides local access to the latest 60 readings.  These features and functions make the PG10 digital pressure gauge ideally suited for use in applications where visibility, functionality, and stability are of primary concern.

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