PG9607 piston gauge


Fluke Calibration has introduced the new PG9607 piston gauge, which delivers unequaled performance for measurement of absolute and gauge pressures up to 500 kPa (72.5 psi).

The PG9607 piston gauge is designed with the requirements of National Measurement Institutes (NMIs) in mind. It offers innovations to reduce sources of pressure uncertainty, a 100g mass load to allow a wide range of pressure defined by a single piston-cylinder assembly, and a new high-performance 50 mm piston-cylinder design.

The design is based on a special project undertaken by DH Instruments in cooperation with a top NMI pressure lab to define a gas pressure to within less than 2 parts per million, traceable to dimensional piston-cylinder effective area measurement. The resulting commercial PG9607 uses the same 5 kPa/kg piston-cylinder specially designed for low geometric distortion to support dimensional effective area determination with low uncertainty, for true fundamental definition of pressure.

The PG9607 piston gauge uses DH Instruments AMH automatic mass handling technology to allow fully unattended testing, establishment of better reference vacuum and improved long-term mass stability. COMPASSĀ® calibration management software is also offered to support complete test system automation without the need for custom programming.
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