Photoelectric Sensor Reliably Detects Clear Objects


Banner Engineering Corp. introduces the Q26 Series photoelectric sensor to its line of clear object detection sensors. Featuring a polarized retro coaxial design, the Q26 provides reliable detection of clear, translucent or opaque objects, including mirror-like surfaces. With the ability to operate at very short distances and deliver precise leading edge detection, the Q26 is an ideal solution for detection applications such as filling and bottling machines, flat glass or LCD manufacturing, pharmaceutical vials or bag filling machines, or any high-speed application where positioning is critical. The Q26 features a compact cubic shape with 20 mm mounting hole spacing, enabling quick installation in tight locations. Additionally, the sensor’s coaxial optics permit operation over a wide range of distances with the reflector mounted as close as 5 mm for applications with restricted spaces.

"Banner has several sensors capable of reliable clear object detection, but the Q26 Series is optimized for clear object detection, with a design focus on simple user set-up and adjustment," said Dennis Smith, Technical Marketing Manager at Banner Engineering. "The Q26 delivers both the sensitivity required for reliable clear object detection and the robust rejection of light from mirror-like objects to prevent a false detection. The coaxial optical design delivers the additional benefit of precise leading edge detection, making it useful for many high speed applications in bottling, canning and packaging industries." Unique performance features of the Q26 Series help distinguish it from other photoelectric sensors with clear object detection capabilities. The Q26 includes a LO/DO switch to control the output type, and a single turn potentiometer to adjust detection sensitivity. Equipped with a Health Mode output for application monitoring, the Q26 communicates operation and connection status—allowing the user to ensure reliable sensor performance.

The Q26 operates on 12-30V dc with a response speed of 250 microseconds. The sensor is also protected against damage from potential mis-wiring during installation and transient voltage spikes during operation.


  • polarized retro coaxial design
  • reliable detection of clear, translucent or opaque objects
  • operates on 12-30V dc with a response speed of 250 microseconds
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