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Now available from Contrinex is a new generation of photoelectric proximity switches designed to provide users with a high level of performance at competitive prices.

The 5050 series is built in the widely used 50mm x 50mm format and is available in diffuse, retro-reflective (reflex) and through-beam versions. Each of these configurations has a long sensing distance; diffuse at 800mm, retro-reflective up to four meters and through-beam to 50 meters. They all have a high 1 kHz switched output frequency and can be supplied in either NPN or PNP versions with a two-meter cable or a S8 four-pin plug configuration. The lens window material is PMMA plastic making the sensors suitable for use in the food and pharmaceutical industries.

A diagnostic or excess gain function can be selected with each sensor type that monitors the visible red light detected. This provides a switched output if the light level falls below a safe threshold and alerts users to dirt build-up or any misalignment occurring after installation. It also simplifies adjustment and set-up during installation.

All of the new S5050 products have a wide 10 – 36VDC supply range and are protected from short-circuit, voltage reversal and supply transient spikes to ensure long and reliable operation in harsh environments. The exceptional performance and competitive price make these high-quality sensors an extremely effective solution for many types of automation applications.


• Rated operating distance sn - LED 648 nm (red) • Emitter - 15 kHz • Modulation frequency - 10 ... 36 VDC • Supply voltage range UB - 20% max. • Max. ripple content - 200 mA max. • Output current (sum) - 2.0 V at 200 mA • Output voltage drop - 15 mA max. • No-load supply current - 0.1 mA max. • Leakage current - 1 kHz • Switching frequency - 0.5 msec max. • Switching time - 50 msec • Time delay before availability - Potentiometer • Sensitivity setting - -5 ... +55 C (+23 ... + 131 F) • Ambient temperature range - Built-in • Short-circuit protection - Built-in • Voltage reversal protection - Built-in • Induction protection - IP 65 • Degree of protection - ABS • Housing material - PMMA • Window material - PVC 4 x 0.25 mm2 / 128 x 0.25 mm Ø; 2 m • Connection cable- S8 4p
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