Picking Cart Satisfies Warehouse's Diverse Needs


Picking cart features four clear plastic horizontal shelves each positioned for easy access. Not only is easy access an attribute but the clear plastic affords visibility to all levels of the cart, making it user-friendly for associates. The shelves’ design helps ensure that the ‘picked’ clothes stay clean. The cart is enclosed on three sides with clear plastic and even features a roof panel to further ensure the clothes cleanliness.

Even though designed and built to be lightweight, the cart, 26” wide x 52” long x 78” maintains the strength and durability required of a cart that is in operation all day, every day. It is designed to hold up to 500 lb. With a small footprint, the cart allows for easy navigation and turning in aisles of the warehouse.


Cart features:

  • six 4-in. diam urethane casters (2 fixed on center and 4 swivel)
  • C-shaped handles on either side of cart
  • shelves reposition easily with only a simple hex wrench
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