PID Controller Features Fully Integrated Temp. Controls


CNPT-DEMO PID controller provides a fully integrated temperature control system suitable as a platform to investigate the use of closed loop (PID) and simple on/off temperature control in heating and cooling applications.

Ideal for PID control theory education in universities and laboratories, CNPT-DEMO uses intuitive “smart” menu flow, panel mounted USB and Ethernet connectivity, an alarm indicator, a 4 to 20 mA remote set-point potentiometer, a pushbutton digital input, and an aluminum plate allowing the user to feel the temperature response.


  • Up to 20 Samples per Second, 24-Bit ADC
  • 32 Bit, 120 Mhz ARM Processor
  • USB, Serial and Ethernet Communication Ports
  • Peltier Thermoelectric Heater/Cooler Unit
  • Front Panel Pushbutton Digital Input
  • 6V Indicator Lamp Alarm Indicator
  • 4 to 20 mA Input Remote Setpoint with Potentiometer Adjustment
  • Operates on 12 Vdc, 2 Amp—Non-Hazardous Power
  • Current Limited Control Signals
  • Pre-Wired
  • Intuitive “Smart” Menu Flow
  • Bright 3-Color LED Dual Display (RED, GREEN, and AMBER)
  • Panel Mounted USB and Ethernet Connectivity
  • Totally Firmware Configurable—No Jumpers to Set
  • US Price Starts at $595
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