Piezo-Driven Nano-Translation Stages Feature Record Travel Range


Piezo-Driven Nano-Translation Stages Feature Record Travel Range

Nanopositioning specialist PI (Physik Instrumente) has introduced the long-travel, piezo-driven P-628 series of nanopositioning stages.

Record Travel Range for Closed-Loop Piezo Stages
These monolithic positioning and scanning systems set a new record in terms of travel range for closed-loop, flexure-guided, piezo stages. Despite the increased travel range of up to 950 µm, the units are extremely compact, while providing rapid settling with nanometer-scale resolution and guiding accuracy.

The long travel range is achieved by a combination of a novel, friction-free and extremely stiff flexure system and the award-winning, ceramic-encapsulated PICMA® multilayer piezo actuators.

P-628 stages are ideal positioning systems for applications such as nanometrology, (white light) interferometry, microscopy, spectroscopy, and precision alignment of optics.

High Speed, Digital Control
A variety of 32-bit digital controllers provide fast communications and can read calibration data from ID-chips integrated in the nanopositioning stages. This feature allows easy interchangeability of stages and controllers without time-consuming recalibration. The stage's stiff design allows highly stable position control and higher throughput in automation applications.

A wide variety of software tools and LabView drivers is included with the controllers.

Features & Advantages
  • Travel to 950 µm, Resolution <1 nm
  • Monolithic, Flexure-Guided Design for Zero-Friction Motion with
  • Excellent Straightness and Flatness
  • PICMA® Ceramic-Encapsulated Longlife Piezo Drives
  • Integrated Non-Contacting, Direct Motion Metrology Provides Faster, more Linear Response
  • Absolute Measuring, High-Bandwidth Capacitive Sensors Feature 0.03 % Position Accuracy
  • Available Digital Control with ID-Chip Recognition for easy Interchangeability of Stages and Controllers

Application Examples :

  • Nanometrology
  • White light interferometry
  • Microscopy
  • Spectroscopy
  • Precision alignment of optics



• Integrated sensor – Capacitive • Open-loop travel, -20 to +120 V – 950 • Closed-loop travel – 800 • Closed-loop / open-loop resolution – 3/2 • Linearity, closed-loop - 0.03** • Repeatability - ±14 • Pitch / yaw - ±10 • Stiffness in motion direction - 0.12 • Unloaded resonant frequency – 125 • Resonant frequency@ 20 g – 115 • Resonant frequency@ 120 g – 90 • Push/pull force capacity in motion direction - 10
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