Piezo Nanopositioning Stage Offers Superior Accuracy


The QFOCUS QF-50 piezo nanopositioning stage is for high-performance microscope objectives and optics positioning. It is ideal for optical positioning applications that require high precision and throughput with long travels as well as accommodates optical instruments and next-generation laser micromachining applications.


The QF-50 has 400 μm closed loop and 450 μm open loop travel, high speed, 0.01% linearity, sub-nanometer resolution, and 4 nm bidirectional repeatability. Guided by precision flexures that offer outstanding stiffness and resonant frequency, high process throughput and fast closed-loop responses are possible. The flexure design also enables a straightness error to 40 mm throughout the entire travel range.


Capacitive sensors provide a direct measurement of the positioning carriage for superior accuracy and repeatability. The QF-50 can fit most microscopes and objectives due to its threaded adapters. It offers fast and simple positioning at any orientation, alternative mounting for custom interfaces in machines, and is available with a clear aperture of 29 mm.


  • 400 μm closed loop and 450 μm open loop travel
  • 0.01% linearity
  • sub-nanometer resolution
  • 4 nm bidirectional repeatability
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