Pin Type Meters Verify Moisture Content


Moisture is one of the most frequent causes of coating failure as well as construction defects. Applying paint to a substrate that is too moist will frequently lead to failure of the film. Most substrates that absorb water have to be below a specific moisture level percentage before paint can be applied. A moisture meter is an ideal QC tool to determine whether a substrate is ready to be coated.


Moisture meters are particularly useful in all phases of furniture manufacturing. Proper use of a meter can ensure that the wood will maintain dimensional stability so that costly defects such as splitting, warping, and delamination will not occur. A higher level of unacceptable moisture tells the operator that additional drying of the lumber is needed before it is ready for production.


We offer two pin type penetration meters. These meters operate on the principle of electrical resistance; they use the substrate as an element in a circuit by driving two pins (electrodes) into material being tested. The water in the sample material is an excellent conductor and most dry substrates are effective insulators.



  •         Verification of moisture content and readiness for coating
  •         Determination of correct drying/curing of raw materials
  •         Works with most hygroscopic building materials, such as wood, plaster, masonry, gypsum, and concrete
  •         Backlit digital display for easy reading under poor lighting conditions
  •         Built-in Electrode pins (replaceable)
  •         Auto power shutoff
  •         Air temperature measurement
  •         Item Nos. MO-B1731, MO-B1732
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