PinPoint Pattern Find™ Vision Algorithm Solves Numerous Industrial Applications


PPT VISION announces its PinPoint Pattern Find™ tool, which provides an ideal solution for a broad range of vision applications. From robotic guidance to label inspection, PPT VISION’s proprietary PinPoint Pattern Find tool is improving manufacturing processes.

Smart cameras, like PPT VISION’s powerful IMPACT®, automate visual inspections. PPT VISION reduces manufacturing costs by ensuring quality and improving throughput in today’s factories.

Machine Vision systems commonly use a series of edge or BLOB (Binary Large OBject) algorithms to locate and inspect parts. The functionality and benefits of edge and BLOB tools are surpassed with IMPACT’s powerful PinPoint Pattern Find. PinPoint Pattern Find delivers the simplicity of applying a single tool with the power to adjust for variable location, rotation and reflectivity.

“The PinPoint Pattern Find tool is rapid and easy to deploy,” said PPT VISION CEO Bob Heller. “Variably positioned part location, inspection and identification challenges are conquered by IMPACT’s powerful PinPoint Pattern Find algorithm.”

The same IMPACT software suite is included with all 21 PPT VISION smart camera models. The IMPACT software emulator runs on any Windows PC. PPT VISION’s IMPACT emulator software is useful for programming and adjusting IMPACT smart camera inspections off-line, without any camera hardware. The IMPACT software suite, including its emulator, is available as a free download at
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