Pipe Wrench Head


With a 1/2" square opening on the side, Lowell's new Pipe Wrench Head Adapter can be attached to a breaker bar, torque wrench, or any other tool with a 1/2" male drive to give workers greater flexibility than would be possible with a standard pipe wrench. Because the tool is just a wrench head, workers can easily grab it from different angles - especially useful when working in tight spots.

Built for rugged duty, the steel wrench weighs 3-1/4 lbs. and has a 280 lb-ft torque capacity. The jaws open from 1-1/2" to 5-1/4". When used with a ratchet, the tool's unique stop bar prevents unwanted ratcheting during repositioning. Another unique feature is teeth that can be replaced in the field. Although originally designed to tighten and loosen gas line compression fittings, Lowell believes there are many other uses for the tool in pipeline, plumbing, and plant maintenance applications.


  • weighs 3-1/4 lbs
  • 280 lb-ft torque capacity
  • jaws open from 1-1/2" to 5-1/4"
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