Pipeline Applications Suite


Enterprise Pipeline Management Solution (EPMS) R1.03, the latest version of an enterprise level pipeline applications suite, was developed for deployment at the heart of the pipeline operations management environment. The EPMS supplements a core SCADA platform with specific gas and liquid applications that enable a pipeline operator to manage delivery contracts and associated logistics in a safe, cost effective, and efficient manner. 


The suite is a sustainable solution made up of pipeline applications that may be used in combination with common supervisory and monitoring functions, and is based on a well-designed modular platform that is both IT friendly and secure. As no two pipeline applications are identical and operational philosophies can differ from one pipeline operator to the next, the EPMS suite allows the easy modification of templates and functions, without having to call in pipeline application experts. Furthermore, it can be offered in combination with advanced pipeline simulation solutions that both reduce commissioning time and enable the full simulation of the pipeline operations management environment for the training of operators.


New Functionality

  1. Enhanced interface management
    When transitioning from one product to another in a pipeline, a trans-mix that is of a certain volume and varies in quality will be formed at the interface between the adjacent fluids. With EPMS R1.03, multiple product cuts from the same interface can be performed, for the easy management of quality gradations. Furthermore, the use of product density meters to detect variations in interface quality based on color and sulfur content is now supported.
  2. Shared use of physical devices
    For the delivery of products to different tanks, EPMS R1.03 allows multiple flow paths to share use of the same physical meter. This is made possible by the assignment of a so-called “logical meter” to each flow path. The assigned logical meters are then associated with a specific physical meter. This is cost effective as it reduces the number of physical meters that are required to cover a specific application.
  3. Enhanced batch management
    For greater flexibility, continuity, and energy efficiency, EPMS R1.03 supports side stream injection and stripping as a product batch passes an intermediate delivery or receiving site. The main benefits here are the opportunity to easily adjust the volume of a main batch and to more efficiently manage sudden changes in demand. For further optimization, enhancements are provided for split/merge and local batch operations.


Functions handled by the EPMS suite include:

  • Gas/liquid nomination and metering
  • Energy value calculation
  • Batch and tank management (multi-product liquids)
  • Pipeline integrity monitoring
  • Compressor/pump energy monitoring
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