Plant-Based Bottles


Earth Renewable Technologies announces the launch of EarthBottle™, a revolutionary plant-based packaging solution that is a responsible and sustainable alternative to petroleum-based plastics. Ideal for natural products, personal care products, pharmaceuticals and household goods, EarthBottles are comparable or superior to HDPE and PET in most key parameters.
“More than ever before, consumers are seeking products that reflect a comprehensive consciousness to the environment, which includes the vessel it’s packaged in,” said Owen Schultz, Vice President of New Business Development. “Our product is a versatile plant and mineral based solution for brands looking to meet the demands of end-users with packaging options that respect our resources and protect our earth, at a cost that may be comparable to what they are using now. Our goal is to help companies eliminate petroleum-based plastics and offset damage done by traditional plastic packaging to help preserve our earth for generations to come.”
EarthBottles can house a variety of products, including supplement capsules, dietary powders, vitamin tablets, lotions, shampoos, soaps, cold-fill liquid and dry goods and are free of BPA, and offer the following properties:
·    Water vapor transfer rate outperforms PET
·     Stretch exceeds existing PLAs
·     Oxygen transfer rate is superior to HDPE
·     More durable than existing PLAs
Boasting a sustainable footprint from cradle-to-cradle, all EarthBottles are made using plant-based materials without toxic plasticizers or fossil fuels and are recyclable at facilities that accept #7 plastics.  In addition, during the decomposition process of the biopolymer no chemcials or hazardous materials are leached into the water or land but instead vital minerals and antioxidants are returned back to the earth.
Currently, EarthBottles can be custom made in almost any shape or size, and custom colors can be developed


  • custom made in almost any shape or size
  • custom colors can be developed
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