PLANTEX® Discs for Grinding Steel / Stainless Steel


PLANTEX® offers important advances in grinding performance, service life, protection for the environment and personal safety.

The development of the new PLANTEX® high-tech compound has resulted in the production of the first flap discs in the world with a backing plate made of natural hemp, with polypropylene used to bind it. In addition to excellent material abrasion and a long service life, the discs offer maximum operator safety, protection of natural resources and environmental friendliness.

This new composite material (hemp and polypropylene) minimizes pollution from production to waste disposal. Even the polypropylene binding material combusts to approximately 1% carbon when disposed of by thermal methods, producing almost zero residue. Polypropylene is physiologically safe and is used in automotive engineering (interior) and medical technology for common items such as syringes, cannulae and infusion bottles. As a result of its fiber structure, the hemp fiber offers excellent tearing strength values. The superior strength values of this high-tech compound are achieved through a patented new treatment (“impact method”) for hemp fibers.

 •Superior material abrasion and service life due to the discs’ springy elasticity and 100% pure zirconium.

•Self-trimming and very easy to cut – the backing plate reduces in size automatically during the grinding process.

•Adjusts better to the surface of the workpiece during grinding.

•Absorbs vibration and noise due to its high fiber content.

•Heat-absorbent high-tech compound (with hollow fiber insulation) reduces the temperature during grinding.

•High strength, yet lightweight.

•High shape stability while maintaining elasticity.

•High-tech compound is resistant to most chemicals.
•Made of a sustainable raw material – protects valuable natural resources.

•The backing plate can be disposed of safely and easily (polypropylene binding combusts to approx. 1% carbon).

•Hemp provides good energy and CO2 balance.

•Outstanding value: PLANTEX® costs no more than a medium-quality conventional flap disc.


PLANTEX® Specifications
DimensionsDiameter: 4", 4-1/2", 5", 7"
Max. speed 13,300 RPM for 4-1/2' diameter
Ideal speed 5000 to 8000 RPM
Complies with ANSI B7.1, 260 ft./sec. DIN EN 13743
Grits40, 60, 80, 120
Arbor size 5/8” or 7/8”
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