Plantweb Optics Asset Management Platform


Plantweb Optics asset performance platform improves reliability and availability by enhancing the visibility to the health of your assets. Experts in your facility are always connected to assets they care about most.


Through open protocols, operational data is centralized and contextualized from disparate data sources. The data is delivered to your experts with personalized content and dashboards. Plantweb Optics provides the information you need in a collaborative environment to enhance your workflow and drive corrective actions.


Plantweb Optics is Emerson’s asset performance platform for managing holistic asset health. Plantweb Optics combines the data from multiple applications into asset-centric information, then delivers persona-based alerts and KPIs for improving the reliability of assets throughout the facility. Built on SQL and utilizing thin clients, Plantweb Optics installation and maintenance processes are simple and non-intrusive.


The platform allows for flexible installations within complex network architectures. Plantweb Optics is connected to assets in the field using Asset Source Interfaces (ASIs), which are installed independently of the Plantweb Optics server. This allows for a secure connection to lower-level data sources while also allowing for higher-level connectivity to Plantweb Optics.




  • Provides a collaborative environment to improve plant reliability and operational performance.
  • Connect experts to their assets.
  • Integration of multiple interfaces for a holistic view of asset health.
  • Secure yet flexible architecture.
  • Workflow integration to drive proactive operations with CMMS integration.
  • Built-in historian for immediate asset health and parameter history.
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