Plastic Banding Cut-to-Length Strap Dispenser


When packaging requirements require high volumes of pre-cut PET/poly strapping material, Sweed Machinery offers their latest innovation: the Model CL200 Cut-to-Length Strap Dispenser. This accurate (+ or - ¼”), automatic dispenser increases the efficiency and safety of strapping operations while greatly reducing labor costs.
By automating the strap cutting process, workers receive specified lengths of strap, and material cost is reduced by eliminating waste.  User-friendly programming accurately measures strap length and controls automation of the cutting process.  This minimizes strap contact and eliminates repetitive cutting tasks, significantly reducing the possibility of lacerations and repetitive task injuries.

The Model CL200 is designed for years of industrial use and provides a quick return on investment (ROI). The unit comes standard with convenient 110-volt electric and 80-psi air requirements, and simple operator controls for strap length (in English units) and strap count.

Sweed’s new cut-to-length dispenser accommodates standard size plastic strapping spools (16” x 6”) and can be customized to fit virtually any spool size. To further enhance cost savings, the Model CL200 comes with a spool dispenser, tension controller, and sits on a two-wheeled dolly support stand for easy maneuvering. This unit is a complete package!

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