Plastic Caps and Plugs for Heat Exchangers


In the HVAC industry heat exchangers require protection from dirt, moisture and debris. This is essential to the efficiency of the heat exchanger and must be considered from the point of manufacturing through packaging, shipping and installation in a final unit. These concerns are addressed by a simple solution. Cover the open ports.

Although there are many varieties of heat exchangers, common usage include the use of steel tubes, open on both ends. Protect the heat exchangers by covering the open ends of the cylinders or plug them with protective plugs. Using common stock caps or plugs, contamination is easily prevented. On the surface, plastic caps and plugs appear a minor piece of the puzzle, but HVAC design engineers know a simple protective cap or plug could mean thousands of dollars in preventative measures. Plastic caps and plugs are instrumental in defending heat exchangers from harsh elements.

Like the design engineers, StockCap knows the importance of safeguarding HVAC components from dirt, dust and moisture. For over 50 years, StockCap has supplied the HVAC industry with plastic end caps, vinyl caps, tube end caps, tapered plugs and rubber seal plugs, which work extremely well with copper tubing often found in HVAC units.

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