Plastic Recycling Service Brochure


A customer recycling partnership models an innovative, eco-friendly approach to the corrosion inhibitor packaging industry.  The economical and environmentally responsible program is outlined in the VpCI Plastic Recycling Service Brochure, which helps customers understand the basic VpCI recycling process and the benefits available to customers who join.


The brochure explains that recyclable VpCI films are used across the globe to protect metal parts and equipment from corrosion during storage and shipping. The VpCI film has already had a large impact on making corrosion protection environmentally friendly by reducing the need for traditional hazardous and cumbersome rust preventatives.


The company incorporates the “repro” back into the virgin film at up to 20%, a level at which Cortec can ensure quality of the new product. Now, Cortec has expanded its film reprocessing program to allow customers to send their VpCI film wastes back to Cortec. This creates a win-win situation for customers and the environment. Customers can send used VpCI bags to Cortec instead of paying thousands of dollars for disposal. In exchange, Cortec pays shipping and gives customer credit for supplying an additional source of repro. While demonstrating environmental responsibility and reducing carbon footprint, the program will save tens of thousands of dollars and reclaim tens of thousands of pounds of plastic annually.


The brochure highlights Cortec’s two sites where this reprocessing will take place—one in the United States and the other in Europe. USA Reprocessing Site In Cambridge, Minnesota, Cortec Advanced Films (CAF) and European Reprocessing Site In Beli Manastir, Croatia, EcoCortec.


The brochure contains a simple flowchart that describes the VpCI recycling process in four steps:

  1. Suppliers and manufacturers use VpCI bags for corrosion protection.
  2. End users bale VpCI film and send to Cortec.
  3. Cortec recycles VpCI film and bags and turns them into new products.
  4. Cortec and customers reduce carbon footprint and strengthen an environmentally friendly relationship while saving money. 
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