Plastic Truck Seal


Cambridge Security Seals announces the availability of its newest product, the  Plastic Truck Seal (model number CSSPTS).  Designed specifically to detect and deter theft or contamination by providing enhanced tamper evident protection, the Plastic Truck Seal is an effective tool for securing transportation equipment such as trailer doors, bulk tankers, railroad cars, cash-in-transit and storage cabinets, totes and boxes.     

The Plastic Truck Seal is made with high-density polyethylene for greater durability in extreme weather and features a high temperature resistant locking chamber. The new seal also features CSS’s unique Clean Break Design™, which both reduces cost and waste because individual seals detach from the strip without any material left over. Cambridge Security Seals’ Plastic Truck Seals are available in 30 lbs, 60 lbs, 90 lbs or 115 lbs tensile strength options as well as seven colors.  

CSS also provides customers with an unsurpassed ability to customize their seals with logos, printed information, variable numbering, and standard barcodes including 2D/QR technology.  

 “We design our seals to be the most durable and cost effective products on the market for customers seeking to secure their valuable and sensitive cargo,” said Elisha Tropper, Cambridge Security Seals president and CEO.  “Our new Plastic Truck Seal is the latest in our line of reliable loss prevention solutions and is sure to be a go-to product for customers who want greater assurance of secure shipments.” 


  • detect and deter theft 
  • high-density polyethylene
  • secure transportation equipment

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