Plug + Play Robo Camera


Robotiq’s Wrist Camera brings Plug + Play vision for Universal Robots in your factory. With a 30-minute setup time, it locates objects on a work surface, without any coding required.


With all software embedded on the robot controller and the easiest user interface on the market, everyone can teach a part and program a task. You don’t need a background in robotics to use the Wrist Camera. It installs in minutes on the Universal Robot arm, and our Gripper UR+ makes its configuration and programming fast and intuitive.


The Robotiq Wrist Camera is a perfect fit for all UR models with controller 3.1+. There is no custom wiring, no external PC required to set up, program or run the Camera.


The Wrist Camera enables the use of Universal Robots in unstructured environments, eliminating the need of complex and costly jigs in order to position your parts. It simplifies robot cell integration and saves valuable time getting into production.






Minimum field of view (cm)10 x 7.510 x 7.510 x 7.5
Maximum field of view (cm)36 x 2764 x 48100 x 75
Minimum part size (% of field of view)10%10%10%
Maximum part size (% of field of view)60%60%60%
Integrated Lighting6 LED diffuse white light
Focus Range70 mm to infinity2.76 in to infinity 
Compatibility: Universal Robots UR3, UR5 and UR10 with controller CB3.1 or higher


  • Perfect fit for UR
  • Fits on all UR wrists and connects directly to the robot controller
  • No external controller
  • No external PC required to setup, program or run the camera
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