For space-restricted position and speed control applications, Baumer Ltd. has introduced a complete line of FlexiDrive positioning drives – compact. modular systems that integrate absolute encoders with an assortment of motors, drives, gears and connectors.  Offering 14-bit single-turn and 18-bit multi-turn resolution, FlexiDrive systems deliver explicit and continuous position measurement even without power.

Highly reliable FlexiDrive systems provide exceptional accuracy, even in challenging environments exposed to impact, vibration and contaminants.  These positioning drives are an alternative to conventional drive solutions and can be used on shafts, spindles, lead screws, rollers and webs and other moving parts found in machine automation.  These systems can be used to determine the current position of tabletop equipment and measure the angle of cuts made with dirty, high vibration machinery.

FlexiDrive positioning drives can be used on equipment and machinery used in motion control, textile production, printing, wood/timber processing, packaging, machine tool, medical, heavy equipment, and food and beverage processing applications.
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