Plug-in PLC Mounts in Standard 11-pin Relay Socket


Divelbiss Corporation, serving the electronic and industrial control industry since 1974, announces availability of Solves-It!, a plug-in PLC. Packaged in a standard relay style housing with an 11-pin plug-in base, the Solves-It! is available from stock in two versions. The Solves-It! series of programmable logic controllers provide a new solution where a small, yet versatile, logic controller is required. Based on PLC on a Chip® technology, the Solves-It! is easy to apply and program. The Solves-It! programs in ladder logic with function block using the Divelbiss PC based EZ Ladder® Lite software which is included free of charge. A basic unit has 4 inputs, 4 outputs, and 4 programmable LED indicator lights. This device is ideal for both small machine control and as add-on intelligence in retrofit situations. An enhanced unit adds 2 programmable, momentary push-button switches, a real time add-a-day/skip-a-day clock with battery back-up, and a four digit numeric display. The Solves-It! controllers are ideal for small system control and monitor applications, particularly in instances where panel space is limited. Solves-It! mounts in any standard 11-pin octal base and requires only 1.75" of DIN rail space in the panel. “Quick Start” Kits are available that include one Solves-it! PLC, one DIN rail socket, one programming cable, and the EZ Ladder Lite software CD.
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