Plume Laboratory and Fume Exhaust Systems


Greenheck’s Vektor® line of high plume laboratory and fume exhaust systems has expanded with the addition of two new models. The Vektor®-CH utilizes an engineered high velocity discharge nozzle that efficiently exhausts air high above the roof. In combination with a centrifugal blower, the Vektor-CH achieves high pressures and flow rates commonly required by fume exhaust systems. With multiple discharge nozzles available per size, Vektor-CH can be specified for project-specific requirements, reducing first costs and operating costs.

The Vektor®-CS employs a variable geometry nozzle that maintains a constant discharge velocity, while constant duct static pressure is maintained by adjusting the fan speed with a variable frequency drive. As airflow through the fan varies, the nozzle discharge area automatically adjusts to maintain a constant and safe discharge velocity (minimum 3,000 ft./min. per ANSI Z9.5). Vektor–CS is available in four model sizes 33-44 with performance capabilities of 10,000 to 38,500 cfm and up to 14 in. wg. Vektor-CH has performance capabilities of 10,000 to 60,000 cfm and up to 14 in. wg.  Both have an efficient centrifugal airfoil wheel and air handling quantity bearings, can withstand a 125 mph wind load without guy wires, and comply with ANSI and NFPA standards for laboratory exhaust applications.


  • high velocity discharge nozzle
  • high pressures and flow rates

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