PM Grate Magnet Brochure


Eriez announces the release of an updated brochure featuring PM Grate Magnets.

These permanent high temperature Rare Earth separators are designed to remove ferrous contamination from plastic pellets, flake and regrind prior to an injection molding machine, extruder or compounding equipment.

The brochure explains that high intensity Rare-Earth PM Grate Magnets complement the wide array of magnetic separators Eriez offers. PM Grate Magnets effectively improve product purity and prevent costly equipment damage and downtime. These units remove fine ferrous material that can plug tiny valve gates, hot runner tips and screens or damage calendar rolls. They can even capture and hold pellets with encapsulated ferrous particles.

The four-page brochure covers the many features and benefits of these powerful magnets. Dimensional drawings are incorporated to illustrate the three available standard housings. For customer convenience, an order form is included with this brochure.

The back page of the literature spotlights a selection of additional products Eriez designs for the plastics and rubber industry. Highlighted products include PM RE Drawer Magnets, Easy-to-Clean Grate-in-Housing Magnets, Plate and Grate Magnets, CFP Metal Separators, FF Metal Separators, Cartridge Magnets, Magnetic Humps, PolyMag® Resin Separators, Rare Earth Roll Separators, Xtreme® Metal Detectors, Metalarm Metal Detectors and Vibratory Feeders and Screeners.


  • Technology: High intensity rare-earth PM grate magnet
  • Pages: Four

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