Pneuluber™ is a revolutionary grease gun


Pneuluber™ is a revolutionary grease gun - the world’s only Dual-Piston Air Operated Grease Gun. State-of-the-art and the most advanced technology makes PneuLuber™, the most Powerful, Efficient, and Durable Air Operated Grease Gun in the world. Pneuluber™ has the Power, Performance and the Productivity
  • Full Automatic Operation - Cycles Continuously with High Pressure Delivery : Dispenses one tube of Grease in less than a minute!
  • High Pressure Delivery : 6000 PSI / 413 bar Output Pressure Capability
  • Greater Productivity : Delivers almost 6 times the Volume of Grease than other Air Operated Grease Guns
  • Works on Small, Portable Compressors : Requires only 40 ~ 60 PSI Air @3.5 CFM
  • Patented Dual-piston Gear Motor provides Constant Torque : Enables you to speed up lubrication and control the volume of grease without compromising the output pressure
  • Patented, Variable Speed Trigger : Allows you to control the flow - Eliminates Waste and Avoids Contamination and Clean-up
  • Built-in Pressure Relief Valve helps identify Blocked Bearings, Lubrication Line or Fittings and allows excess Grease to flow back into Barrel - No Squirting!!
  • Compact design facilitates work in tight spaces
  • Ergonomically Engineered - the Well-balanced Design reduces Stress on Hand, Arm, Shoulder and Back Muscles
  • Zero Vibration
  • Low Operational Noise
  • Versatile refilling with 3-way loading : Cartridge, Bulk or with a Pump
  • Exclusive Valve Design eliminates Trapped Air
  • Self-priming
  • Patented, High-torque, Gear Motor Design provides Outstanding Durability
  • Soft, Oil Resistant Grip for Comfort and Safer Operation
  • Comes complete with : Safety Trigger Lock - Prevents Accidental Grease Release, Air Bleeder Valve, Filler Valve, Anti-fatigue Strap, Adjustable Hose Holder - prevents Hose from dangling and a Handy Wrench
  • Worldwide Patented
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