Pneumatic Hoist with 8-Ton Line Rating


The HS Pneumatic Hoist includes models with line pull ratings of 3500, 8800 and 16,500 lb., with hoisting speeds in excess of 100 feet per minute. These units feature heavy duty cast construction and precision planetary
reductions with all moving parts internally sealed to ensure full lubrication while minimizing service requirements.

When used in conjunction with an optional counter-balance valve, operators can move loads quickly and smoothly with precise control. Their robust construction, coupled with the high starting torque and input horsepower of the radial piston motors, makes these hoists well suited for offshore, mining, construction and other challenging work sites.


  • Line Pull Ratings: 3500, 8800 and 16,500 lb
  • Hoisting speeds: excess of 100 feet per minute
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