Pneumatic Parallel Grippers


Robohand, a DE-STA-CO brand, introduces the G100 Series blue line of pneumatic parallel grippers. The G100 Series is designed to provide machine builders and OEMs with higher-quality, low-maintenance grippers for cost-sensitive applications. The G100 Series is priced the same as comparable competing grippers, but is built to higher standards to deliver longer-lasting performance with reduced warranty claims. “Warranty claims or unplanned service calls due to low-cost, high-maintenance products not only cut into machine builders’ profits and resources, they also put unneeded stress on their customer relationships,” explains Gary Labadie, DE-STA-CO global product manager for automation. “Our new G100 Series of grippers delivers worry-free operation, faster production line speeds and higher gripper reliability for cost-sensitive applications. 

With the G100 Series, machine builders no longer have to sacrifice performance for price.” The Robohand G100 Series has been engineered for reliability. The grippers’ shielded design protects all mechanisms and internal linkages from environmental contaminants, providing continuous smooth rack and pinion operation with reduced maintenance. Robohand’s G100 Series grippers include an extended jaw option to support finger interchangeability with third-party grippers. Existing user-designed fingers can be removed from a high-maintenance third-party gripper and re-installed on a G100 Series gripper. This makes it simple for OEMs to substitute G100 Series grippers in existing machines with minimal design time and resources. For machine builders, standardizing on the G100 Series gripper family provides substantial benefits. Twenty different models are available to provide high grip force with stroke options from 5mm to 50mm. The G100 gripper actuation speed of 60ms for small grippers is twice as fast as competitive products, enabling end customers to improve productivity by speeding up their production lines. 


  • extended jaw option
  • 20 different models are available
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