Pneumatic Power Cylinder


Falling within the domain of Air/Oil cylinders, Airtechnix new two stage pneumatic Power Cylinder features fast pneumatic operation less reliance on hydraulic fluids to produce high force output ranging from 1 ¼ to 50 tons depending on the model. Making use of a standard tie rod NFPA double rod cylinder with choice of a virtually unlimited advance stroke and a proprietary coupling mechanism serving to engage the intensification stage pneumatic stack cylinder, this product achieves quick advance of the ram followed by the desired tonnage for metalworking applications. The coupling mechanism can additionally be configured to act as a brake to permit total control of speed of engagement with the work. Features:

  • Lightening fast strict pneumatic operation. 
  • Standard NFPA double rod HD steel cylinder offering choice of exact stroke, mounting, piston rod end, cushions and seals. 
  • Well packaged lengths shorter than Air/Oil by approx. 33% with slightly larger breadths. 
  • Cylinder bores ranging from 2 ½” for the 1 1/4 ton model to 12” for 50 ton.
  • Total control over speed of engagement with the work. 
  • Choice of ¼”, ½” and 1” power stroke. 
  • Minimal setup, maintenance and field adjustment.
  • Low air consumption – same order or better than Air/Oil.
  • No bubbling/negative pressure restrictions.
  • Integral power stroke end stop permits adjustment to .003 inch.
  • Well packaged integral LVDT for SPC monitoring optional.


  • fast pneumatic operation
  • output ranging from 1 ¼ to 50 tons
  • low air consumption
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