Pneumatic-Powered Tilt Cart


Sturtevant, WI -July 11, 2006 - One of the most versatile tilt carts on the market is Topper Industrial's pneumatic-powered tilt cart. The powered tilt cart can operate on as little as 60 psi and can tilt up to 2,000 lbs. Not only is tilting easy, the powered tilt cart can tilt uneven loads side-to-side and front-to-back. As with all Topper Industrial's products, safety is the highest priority. That is why the powered tilt cart uses Topper's automatic valve to control the tilt, speed of tilt and angle. An operator is always in control of the cart's load. Every Topper cart comes in standard sizes with a variety of options or can be customized for a specific application. The power tilt cart is on casters making is easy to be moved anywhere an air hose will reach.

Topper Industrial is a leading material handling equipment manufacturer with an emphasis on fork truck free environments. Topper Industrial products are widely used within the automotive industry and are changing the way material is moved within an assembly plant. Topper Industrial designs custom solutions for a variety of manufacturing customers.
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