A new bench top, 5-ton pneumatic toggle press that has been upgraded with a large open working area for easily loading tooling and parts from the front or side is being introduced by AIM Joraco of Smithfield, Rhode Island. The Toggle-Aire® 1530W 5 Ton Press features a toggle design that employs a mechanical advantage to yield higher ram forces with less air consumption than straight cylinder presses. Providing a large working area for loading and unloading tooling and parts, this fully pneumatic press is capable of operating at 180 SPM with 0.001” accuracy and repeatability of stroke. Suitable for applications such as assembly, punching, forging, swaging, crimping, and press fitting, the Toggle-Aire® 1530W 5 Ton Press has a 4.75” deep throat with 7.5” open height and no tie bars. It has a 2.5” standard stroke, 4.25” to 5” adjustable shut height, heavy duty linkage, one shot lubrication, CSR-G2 actuation for operator safety, and Syncro-sig™ anti tie down. Options include a PLC, no-touch operation, and tooling.


• Stroke 2 1/2" • Shut Height 5" to 4 1/4" • Ram Size 1 1/2" Dia. • Ram Bore 13/16" • Cylinder Size 3 7/8" Dia. • Fac/Stroke . .39 Cu. Ft.@ 80 PSI
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